Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Films and movies

In British English it's more typical to say "film" in American English, it's "movie".  Where do we go to see these if we don't want to stay home and watch a DVD?  That's different, too.  In British English it's the cinema, in American English, the movie theater.  Theater is spelled "theatre" in British English!  But one thing that's the same in probably all of the English-speaking countries is that we all love Alfred Hitchcock movies (or films, if you prefer).  Hitchcock was a master of scary movies, creating classics like The Birds, Psycho, and Vertigo, to name just a few.

Director Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980)
If you're planning a trip to London this summer, then be sure not to miss the British Film Institute's showings of Hitchcock's films--they'll be showing all of the British director's 58 films over the course of the summer! 

For more on Alfred Hitchcock and a little vocabulary exercise, visit spoton.de here:  http://www.spoton.de/test-your-english/vocabulary/celebrating-hitchcock-the-master-of-suspense

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thin TV, fat man?

Hello English learners!
Please look at the comic below and answer the questions below.  Email your answers to us at tutor@virtualingua.de

Liebe Englischlerner!
Schauen Sie bitte die Zeichnung an und beantworten Sie die untenstehenden Fragen.  Schicken Sie uns Ihre Antworten unter tutor@virtualingua.de

1.  What happened to the man?  Was ist mit dem Mann passiert?
2.  What happened to the TV?  Was ist mit dem Fernseher passiert?
3.  Why did this happen?  Warum ist das passiert?
4.  Do you think this comic is correct?  Denken Sie, dass das, was abgebildet ist, stimmt?