Friday, September 6, 2013

Do you learn English by yourself?

Do you study on your own or in a group?  Do you go to group lessons or learn by yourself at home?
"On your own" and "by yourself" both mean alone, but: when in the world do I say "on my own" and "by myself"???

You can practice that here:

Happy learning!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Correct these sentences!

Practice your English!  Each of these sentences has one mistake.  Correct the sentences and send them to us at  You will receive an answer from a live teacher with corrections and learning tips. 

1.  He go to work at 6:00.
2.  It's 10 o'clock thirty.
3.  Start you work at 8:00?
4.  He plays guitar at the moment. 
5.  He's sitting on the computer.
6.  I'm talking at the telephone.
7.  At Monday we'll start the new project.
8.  In the weekend we go hiking.
9.  Do you worked yesterday?
10. She don't work here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Elementary English Podcasts--practice listening!

Listening is a skill that you should practice, but how?  Well, there is a series of great podcasts for elementary English learners that you can listen to for free on the British Council website.  You can not only listen to the podcasts, but also read along and do some exercises to check your understanding.

Try it here:

As homework, choose one of the episodes, listen to it, practice the language and send us an email using the vocabulary from the podcast.  Send it to us at and get free feedback.  Test us today!

Es ist wichtig Hörverstehen zu üben, aber wie?  Jetzt gibt es eine tolle Podcastserie für Anfänger vom British Council.  Es gibt nicht nur podcasts, sondern auch den Text zum mitlesen und Aufgaben, die man während des hörens machen kann um sich selbst zu testen. 

Probieren Sie es aus:

Wählen Sie eine Folge, machen Sie die Übungen dazu und schicken Sie uns eine E-Mail, worin sie die Vokabeln aus dem Podcast benutzen.  Schicken Sie Ihre Arbeit an und probieren Sie unseren Unterricht kostenlos!